July-August 2008 
Year 15    No.133

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The Bhonsala School

The CBI did not find it necessary to probe the possible role of the Bhonsala Military School in the training meted out to young recruits of the sangh’s bomb-making brigade as revealed by the ATS investigations. The school has two known branches – in Nashik and in Nagpur.

A quick exploration of the websites of both branches reveals that the inspiration behind the Bhonsala Military School was ‘Dharmaveer’ Dr BS Moonje, a founder of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Clearly then, the institute is at least ideologically tied to the sangh parivar. The school is graced by regular visits from senior army officials:

"Dr BS Moonje was a firm believer in military training to Indian youth; he formed the Central Hindu Military Education Society at Nashik in 1937 and started the school on June 12, 1937. It started functioning in the ‘surgana palace’, Nashik city, with 90 students. It moved to its present location, named ‘Rambhoomi’ by Dr Moonje, on September 1, 1938.

"Spread over 65 hectares of land surrounded by azure hilly landscape, the school campus consists of the main school building, 14 bhawans (hostels), a common mess, playground (including a 400m athletic track), stables and a riding school. The academic section has a well-stocked library. The school also maintains a health centre with full-time medical personnel.

"Boys between nine-and-a-half and 10-and-a-half years of age are admitted to Class V, which is the lowest class in the school. A number of scholarships have been instituted by the state government and the society for deserving students. The KC Mahindra Education Foundation also offers some scholarships.

"The motto of the school, as given by the founder, aptly and precisely sums up the aim of the school. It is not obligatory on part of the students of the school to join the military services. However, those who are really willing to join the noble profession of arms will certainly find their training useful towards their aim. Whereas the rest will find themselves mentally and physically fit to pursue any career in the present competitive world.

"Air Marshal JS Apte, senior maintenance staff officer of HQ Maintenance Command, IAF, visited Bhonsala Military School, Nagpur, in 2007. Air Marshal Apte appreciated the high standards achieved by the school in all spheres of activities. He congratulated all ranks of the school for their dedication and committed hard work put up by them for the glory of their institution. "

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