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Sangli Communal Violence

The Asian Age
September 7, 2009

Sangli curfew after communal clash



Sept. 6: The riot which erupted in Miraj near Sangli over Shiva Sena posters showing warrior king Shivaji killing Mughal warlord Afzal Khan has turned into a political slugfest with Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan accusing "communal" parties of fanning the riots for political capital.

On Sunday, the state government acknowledged the fact that the riots, which erupted in Miraj on the day of Ananat Chaturdashi, Thursday, has spread to other parts of Sangli district and Kolhapur.

The police said the curfew in Miraj had been extended from 12.30 pm on Sunday afternoon to 9.30 am on Monday. A curfew is also imposed in Sangli city till 2.00 pm on Monday during which period barring essential services, all the other establishments would remain closed.

The riots broke out on Thursday over the issue of a Shiv Sena and Hindu Ekta Sanghatan having the scene of "killing of Afzal Khan" as part of a Ganesh mandal at Laxmi market area in Miraj. Some miscreants broke the arch of the mandal depicting the scene as well as other decorations arranged by various Ganeshostav mandals. The right-wing Hindu organisations have decided not to have immersion procession until the arches are restored. Around 140 Ganesh idols have not yet been immersed in the Miraj area.

The police said, the area was also tense due to the maha aartis performed before a popular Ganpati temple in Kolhapur by the Janshakti Party. The district also observed a bandh on Saturday. Mr Chavan’s come a couple of days after the BJP made a frontal attack on the Congress saying riots on the occasion of Ganesh immersion in several parts of the state was the handiwork of the Congress to spread a fear psychosis among the Muslims.


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