Human Rights Question and Answers
86 pages
Leah Levin
Illustrated by Plantu
Language - English


Medical Testimony on Victims
of Torture
: A Physician's Guide
to Political Asylum Cases

Physicians for Human Rights (U.S.)
Physicians for Human Rights,
1991 - 43 pages
Language - English


Education: Trade, Profession, Occupation Or Business Business
H. Suresh
India Centre of Human Rights and Law, Project of Socio Legal Information Centre - 20 pages
Language - English


Medieval History And Communalism
Centre for Study of Society and Secularism - 28 pages
Language - English


Khaki Shorts and Saffron Flags
Tapan Basu - 1993 - 116 pages - Preview
About the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, the Vishva Hindu Parishad, and the Hindutva; based on interviews conducted by the authors at various places.
Language - English

Undoing India the RSS Way
Shamsul Islam
Media House, 2002 - History
 96 pages
Language - English

Scheduled Castes In Search Of Justice: Volume 1
Jose Kananaikil, Indian Social Institute - 1986 - Snippet view
Introduction Very few of us have had the occasion, either to attend a Lok Sabha session and listen to the discussion there or to go through a whole debate.
Language - English

Parampara, Alochna Aur Hindi
Navjagran (Yeh Samay 11)
Isbn: 81-86219-69-2
Author: Manmohan
Pp: 56
Price: 20/-
Edition: 2006
Language - English


The People's Verdict
Indian People's Human Rights Commission, 1994 - Fiction -
160 pages
Language - English



Gandhi Ek Punarvichar
Isbn: 81-86219-54-4
Pp: 120
Price: 50/-
Edition: 2006
Language - Hindi


Habib Tanvir
DK Number: DK-203875
Title: Habib Tanvir : reflections and reminiscences /
Author: edited by Neeraj Malik and Javed Malick.
Year: 2010
Price: INR 250.00 (pbk.)
Language - English

Will Truth Prevail?
Marian Šlingová
Merlin, 1968 - History -
126 pages

Language - English



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