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Update:  May 26, 2002                                                                                                   <<< News Network index page



Bicholim, Goa

Press release


The Forum for Communal Harmony is deeply distresed by the patently illegal and highhanded orders issued by the Chief Electoral Officer to Goa police to sieze cassettes of the video film, "Hey Ram",on the Gujarat carnage,and copies of the magazine Communalism Combat to be siezed  wherever found in the state of Goa on the grounds that the dissemenation or exhibition of these may have undesirable impacts on the conduct of a fair and peaceful poll in the State of Goa.  These orders have been criticised by eminent citizens of Goa in a representation made to the CEO.


The Forum feels that Gujarat and the carnage there is an important part of our recent history.  From the events there, all citizens of India can draw lessons regarding the dangers of communalism.  All citizens of Goa and India have every right to know the truth regarding these events.


In view of the seizure order, the Forum regrets that at this point of time, it is unable to make available video cassettes of this film and the magazine to the citizens of Goa.  These will be made available as soon as the orders are withdrawn.


Meanwhile, the Forum is arranging to make available video cassettes and CDs of the film "Junoon Ke Badhte Kadam" (Evil stalks the Land) by Gauhar Raza, for

private viewing only.  This film critically analysis the Gujarat carnage and draws important lessons regarding the dangers of communalism and fascism, and the need to combat these forces.


If you are interested in this, please contact the Forum at the following contact numbers : 293766, 363057, 226643.


The Forum will also organise a private screening of this film and poster exhibition on Gujarat at Margao, Vasco, Panjim and Mapusa.  Selected invitees will be intimated personally.



Ramesh Gauns

Subhash Naik Jorge

Vidyadhar Gadgil



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