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Massacre of Kashmiri Pandits

We are shocked and horrified by the news of the inhuman and unconscionable massacre of 24 innocent Kashmiri Pandit children, women and men in Pulwama district of Kashmiri Valley late last night. We condemn this ghastly killing of defenceless people in the strongest possible terms.  

The cowards behind the latest outrage are unlikely to identify themselves. But there can be do doubt that the latest massacre is a desperate bid by those eager to communalise the Kashmir issue to sabotage any effort towards ensuring the return of the Kashmiri Pandits to their homes.  

Our hearts go out to the survivors of the carnage in particular, and the Kashmiri Pandit community in general, the overwhelming majority of whom have been condemned to live the life of refugees in their own country because of Pakistan-aided terrorism in the Valley. We demand an urgent review of the security arrangements for Kashmiri Pandits throughout the Valley and immediate and adequate compensation for the families of those killed by the J&K government.  

The J&K chief minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed has called it [an] unpardonable crime by militants to derail the peace process initiated in J&K by the coalition government. He has also said he has asked the security forces to launch a massive manhunt and bring the killers to the book for "these gun-wielding militants deserve no mercy."  

However, we also demand a thorough investigation in the security lapses that turned the vulnerable Kashmiri Pandits into easy targets of mass murderers who pretend to be serving lofty causes.  




Javed Anand  (Co-editor, Communalism Combat, Mumbai)

Teesta Setalvad (Co-editor, Communalism Combat, Mumbai)

Javed Akhtar (Poet and Lyricist)

Shabana Azmi, (Rajya Sabha MP, social activist and actress).

Dr. Agni Shekhar (Panun Kashmir)

Askok Pandit (Panun Kashmir)

Mahesh Bhatt, Film director

Farooque Shaikh, films, theatre and TV personality

Nikhil Wagle, Editor, Apla Mahanagar

Sajid Rashid, Editor, Hindi Mahanagar

Hasan Kamal, Lyricist and Columnist

Gulam Mohamed Peshimam,Businessman

Sushobha Barve, Social Activist

Javed Siddiqui, Writer

Aslam Parvaiz, Advertising

Farrukh S. Waris, Educationist

Syed Firoz Ashraf, Social Activist

Yacoob Rahee, Writer, Social Activist

Fazal Shaad, Social Activist

Abdulkader Mukadam, Columnist, Social Activist

Khan Ahmed Ali, Social Activist

Vaqar Kadvi, Social Activist

Shamim Tariq, Social Activist

Salem bin Razak, Social Activist

Muqaddar Hameed, Writer

Khan Ayub, Social Activist

Salim Alware, Social Activist




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