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24 June 2003





The dharna to save the Gandhian Institute of Studies in Varanasi from the clutches of Sangh Parivar entered its fifth day today. The incident on the night of 19-20 June, 2003 has shaken the people, organizations and various political parties in Varanasi out of apathy and a number of them came out in support of the dharna. As reported earlier starting around midnight Kusum Lata Kedia hatched a consipracy and opened the locks on the front door of the Institute outside which the dharna is taking place in full public view and presence of about 10 protestors and about 4 policemen. She blamed the protestors for breaking open the locks.


It is pertinent to note that locks have not been broken but opened by keys and are still hanging on the channel gate. Now they could have been opened by somebody who possesses the keys. Obviously, if the protestors had the keys they would not be staging their dharna outside the channel gate. If the protestors had intended to open the locks they wo uld have entered the building after breaking open all the locks. However, besides the two locks on the front channel which are hanging in an open position there is one lock from inside which keeps the door still locked. The Station Officer of Adampur Police Station Kapil Dev Mishra along with Sub-Inspector Rajesh Singh and 20 other policemen arrived around 1:45 am and started abusing the protestors on the false charge of breaking open the locks. The language used by Kapil Dev Mishra was extremely unparliamentary using unmentionable phrases. He used vulgar language for the female participants in the dharna and for female members of families of protestors. He even commented on the District Magistrate in a derogatory manner for not allowing him to handle things according to his wishes. While a 10 minutes non-stop flow of abuses was going on from the mouth of Kapil Dev Mishra, Kusum Lata Kedia was standing next to him.


We have lodged a complaint with the senior government authorities against Kapil Dev Mishra, Rajesh Singh, Kusum Lata Kedia and her colleagues who were present on the scene of action. You may also lodge your protest with the Senior Superintendent of Police, Varanasi at Fax Number (0542) 2502655, District Magistrate, Varanasi at Fax Number (0542) 2502754, Inspector General of Police, Varanasi at Fax Number (0542) 2507575, Commissioner, Varanasi at Fax Number (0542) 2382345, Governor of UP at Fax Number (0522) 2225995, Chief Minister, UP at Fax Number (0522) 22399234, 2230002, Principal Secretary, Home at Fax Number (0522) 2238409, Chief Secretary, UP at Fax Number (0522) 22399283. If you would like to send your statement to press you may send it to UNI at Fax Number (0522) 2221221 and PTI at Fax Number (0522) 2229563.


Meanwhile, when various people in Varanasi came to know about the incidents in late night at the dharna site they rushed to the site. They expressed shock over the behaviour of the Police official and have resolved to get some action taken against him. Some political parties have also now decided to support this struggle. The State level Congress Party leadership have assured the protestors of their total support. Leaders of Loktantrik Samajwadi Party, Samajwadi Party, Samajwadi Jan Parishad, Rashtrawadi Janta Dal, Bhartiya Rashtriya Morcha, CPI, CPM, CPI(ML) have also expressed solidarity.


On 22nd June, 2003 there will be a seminar organized on the dharna site on ‘Relevance of Gandhi in present day India’ as an academic activity of the Institute. The Board of Management is seriously interested in getting the Institute to start running normally.


On 26th June, 2003 there will be a big gathering in Varansi and the issue of Gandhian Institute of Studies will also figure in this public meeting. You are welcome to participate in the above events. Financial donations for the struggle may be sent in the name of National Alliance of People’s Movements at the following address:


Nandlal, ‘Lok Samiti,’ Village Mehdiganj, Post Raja Talab, Dist. Varanasi-221311.

For more information on the struggle you may get in touch with Muniza Rafique Khan at Phone number (0542) 2430193 or [email protected]. During the dharna we can also be reached at mobile number 9415285346 which is available with Adil.



Sub: Ill treatment of protestors at Gandhian Institute by police

The dharna to save the Gandhian Institute of studies in Varanasi entered its
fifth day today. Last night, when the strength of protestors suddenly
dropped down to 10 from 60, Kusum Lata Kedia took advantage of the situation
and opened the lock on the channel gate of the Institute, outside which the
dharna is continuing, and blamed the protestors for this deed. She called
the S.O of Adampur police station shri. Kapil Dev Mishra and lodged a
complaint against the protestors for breaking the lock. Kapil Dev Mishra
used extremely abusive language especially against Sandeep, which is
unmentionable. Such unparliamentary language is not expected of a government
official. He went away threatening to look the protestors under Gangster
Act. Till the time this message was sent, however, there was no arrest.





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