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Oppose and Resist the smear campaign against  Teesta Setalvad 

For the past few months, Zahira Sheikh has been spewing venom against Teesta Setalvad and making every effort to destroy the credibilty of Teesta and her stupendous work of reviving the Best Bakery case which brought to the national focus the complete breakdown of the crimianl justice system in the State of Gujarat in so far it related to the post Godhra riot cases. 

Discrediting Teesta and consequently destroying the crediblity of the her work relating to the Best Bakery case is a part of a larger conspiracy to demolish the resistance that is building up against the communal fascist forces in the country and Gujarat in particular. 

In a recent development, an application had been filed by JANSANGARSH MANCH before the Nanavati Commission to cross examine Zahira Sheikh for examnining the veracity of an affidavit filed by her  before the Commission way back in May, 2002. In the said affidavit she has made all the allegations against the accused of the Best Bakery case on oath which she has subsequently denied. Needless to point out that at point of time, Teesta Setalvad had nothing to do with Zahira and all her allegations  that Teesta had coerced her to make certain allegations against the accused of the Best Bakery case falls to the ground. 

Zahira is obviously not alone. She is backed and sponsered by communal forces to destroy the opinion all over the country that the Government of Gujarat had refused to protect the minority and thereafter had systematically destroyed the criminal justice system in order that the accused of the most henious crimes go unpunished. 

Opposing and resisting the character assasination  campaign against Teesta is therefore a necessary struggle to discredit the communal fascist forces.

Strangely, the civil socielty and the NGOs have remained rather silent on this issue. JANANANDOLAN therefore urges every democratic minded person to rise and potest against the systematic attack against Teesta Setalvad. Let us develope a national consensus on the mode of protest and act together.  

Amrish Patel
On behalf of Gujarat Janandolan

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