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Press Release
25 June 2005

Dalit demand reservation in private sector  

An NCDHR Team met Ms. Meira Kumar, the Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment on 22 June 2005 in New Delhi in order to brief the Minister on the need for promulgation of a Central Legislation for Reservation in Private Sector.The NCDHR team emphasised that in the Indian society the exclusion and discrimination faced by Dalits is part of the societal norms which has continued even in this age of information technology. In the absence of a Legislation, any promise of welfare measures by the Corporate sector would remain meaningless. The experience so far has been that voluntarism has not worked in this country and is not likely to work in near future too. The NCDHR team also emphasised that along with the Central Legislation for Jobs in the Private Sector there should also be a provision for Monitoring Body which should be invested with broad legal and administrative powers. And this Monitoring Body should be an autonomous body directly responsible to the President of India, which at the same time should not only monitor the implementation but also the violation of the law in this regard. Please see the attachment.


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