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Janwadi Lekhak Sangh 

In the past few days, renowned writer from Faizabad Krishna Pratap Singh’s piece “Ayodhya Mein Tamasha” published in the Hans has faced virulent and undemocratic opposition and a personal tirade has been launched against him. The forms of virulent opposition include the publication of an appeal in local newspapers demanding a social boycott against the author. Threats form a backdrop of these public exhortations. Without so much as reading the article and putting pressure on city organisations and individuals to ciritise and boycott the author. The personal and social life of the writer is sought to be made miserable. This undemocratic attach on Krishna Pratap Singh led by Yatindra Mishra and his followers is not simply undemocratic but a direct attempt to put pressure and impose a censorship  / boycott of the author. It is a distinctly fascist step. Sabrang is in the process of sourcing the text of some of these and will be posting them on the website shootly) Such threats and verbal abuse viliate the atmosphere of any society. Well known writers from a variety of regions of India have strongly condemned this. Theory the signatories are Rajendra Yadav, Ibbar Rabbi, Vishnuchandra Sharma, Chanchal Chauhan, Murli Manohar Prasad Singh, Kanti Mohan, Asad Zavdi, Pankaj Bisht, Kshity Sharma, Ramagya Rav, Shahidhar , Irfan, Rekhna, Awasthi, Rajan, Ram Rehman, Ramkumar, Koushak, Pratap Anam , Arvindkumar Singh, Mahesh Darpan, Anilkumar Singh and many other writers and creative artists including historians Irfan Habib, Arjun Dev and Ishrat Alam.

Chanchal Chauhan

Jan 24 2004