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Another Anti-Terrorism Law in Gujarat, will legalise Terrorism in State

June 3, 2004

The Gujarat Control of Organised Crime (Gujcoc) Bill, 2003 will legalise Terrorism of the State

Mr. Narendra Modi Government on Wednesday brought in the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime (Gujcoc) Bill, 2003. It is expected that the state is a legal entity which is duty-bound to protect its citizens to ensure that it acts and behaves within the purview of the law. Otherwise, the very foundation of a democratic polity is at stake. But if we go by the present Government’s behavior during the Gujarat carnage 2002 then we left with no choice but to say that it was the terrorism of the state and still it continued in one form or other form. I have a strong feeling that in the name of countering the “terrorism” the state is becoming terrorist state by looking for indiscriminate power in the state’s hand. Who are the terrorists? If we go by the state and government’s mind-set it is you and me, who are harassed by police official, political party’s leaders, communal organization, mafias, and Government’s top officials. In the state like Gujarat the “Terrorism of the State” is the on of the main issue and we are trying to fight that. Private individuals have little power compare to the state, but when the state is transformed into an institution of crime it aims to eternally perpetuate itself. Therefore we are generally concern about the acts of these governments and their officials who shelter themselves from the purview of the law. The Gujarat Control of Organised Crime (Gujcoc) Bill, 2003 - such law will legalise the state terrorism.

Rohit Prajapati

Human Rights Activist, Vadodara


Rohit Prajapati / Trupti Shah

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