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September 10, 2003


Mumbai, 10th September: 

It is the duty of every patriotic Indian to oppose the tie -up between the Indian ruling classes and the Israel. This will change the course of our progressive anti-imperialist character of our foreign policy that we inherited from our freedom struggle. We have been always on the side of Palestinian Arabs and their cause. Gandhiji supported Palestinians struggle.

Both Israel and Pakistan were created by the British imperialism after the end of Second World War( 1945) to safeguard their future interests . Israel was created as a knife in the chest of Middle-East to control Arabsí oil . Pakistan was created with various objectives in mind. One was to use it as a re-entry point to Indian sub-continent. We should not be surprised if US gains a foothold in Kashmir.

Another object for creating Pakistan was to form a block /federation of non-Arab Muslim countries( Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan) to crush Arabs ,in case they revolt and challenge the imperialistsí intersts in Middle East oil.

Few know that Pakistan was also used by the British to train the Israeli army in its initial period . Our Muslim brothers must be told that the cause of Palestinian Arab has nothing to do with Islam. The so- called Islamic Iran took arms aid from Israel during long Iran-Iraq war that lasted for about 8-10 years resulting in the deaths of lakhs of Muslims.

Israel is a small country . If all Arabs surround it and piss jointly, the country would drown and disappear from the world map. But they wonít do that. The Arab Sheikhs and kings have tied up to United States oil barons.

The fight of the Palestinian Arabs is against imperialism and for democracy and secularism. They are not fighting for an Islamic Palestine as many Muslim organizations in India are trying to project. These organizations are enemies of Palestinian Arabs, Indian Muslims and secularism. In fact these Muslim organizations are working as agents of Hindu communal forces of Sangh Parivar and serving the cause of imperialism.

Left, secular and democratic forces supporting Palestinian Arabs and opposing Israel must take care to see that organizations like Jamat-e-Islami are kept out of our struggle against Pro-imperialist forces represented by Sangh Parivar as Jamat-e-Islami and Sangh Parivar are each othersí twins and are serving the interests of imperialism jointly in their own ways. Jamat-e-Islami stands for Nizam-e- Mustafa , Israeli Zionists stand for a Jewish state and Sangh Parivar stands for Hindu Rashtriya. They are one and serve the imperialist interests. Jamat-e-Islami and their allies must allowed to use our platform our struggle against Israeli Zionism and US imperialism.

(Lajpat Rai )










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