The Foreign Exchange of Hate
IDRF and the American Funding of Hindutva
© 2002, Sabrang Communications & Publishing Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India, and The South Asia Citizens Web, France
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“In the Appendix E, E.1.1, the report is accusing me by associating with IDRF and donating money to the victims of September 11th attack on World Trade Center in USA as funding non-Muslims alone. I strongly refute the accusation. I am an American citizen and believe in justice to all and discrimination to (sic) none… The title of the report ‘Stop Funding Hate’ and the language used therein has implied assassination of my personal character, integrity and values I believed in”. 

Vijay K Mallampati 
1117 Perimeter Center West, 
Suite E-104, Atlanta GA 30338, USA

(The report in question was prepared by distinguished researchers and deals predominantly with the way in which IDRF collected funds are disbursed in India. The only reference to Mr. Mallampati’s name is in note 29 (Chapter 3 Placing the IDRF Inside Hindutva: An Institutional Analysis) which is based on the source, hskonline, referred to in the note. 

This reference was published in good faith on a question of vital public interest. The funds collected by the IDRF for the relief of the victims of the dastardly terrorist attack on September 11 was a small part of the report. It should be evident to Mr Mallampati that there is no attempt at his character assassination anywhere in the report. However, in view of his communication to Sabrang Communications, in the interest of fair reporting, we have reproduced above Mr. Mallampati’s response to the report – Sabrang Communications and Publishing Pvt. Ltd.