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    Hungry world of Dalits in Poorvanchal (26/7/07)
    Islamic terrorism: myth or reality (30/4/07)
    Appeal for impartial and effective prosecution of Sajjan Kumar Congress (I) M.P.  -- Press Release (20/3/07)
    Terror Attack on Samjhauta Express -- Press Release  (19/2/07)
    Citizens Declaration on “A Riot & Terror Free India” (7/2/07)
    An Open Letter to Rahul Dravid (7/2/07) 
   Gokahpur Violence - Letter to the Governor  (7/2/07) 

   A tribute to M A Khan

   Debating discrimination differences and dissent in our part of the world (2/2/07)  

   India Bulls and Maharashtra Government in massive land grab operations for a 'multi-purpose SEZ' in Raigad Dist.(12/01/07)  

   Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Mob Terror, State Terror and Bomb
-- Press Release (21/12/06)

   Gujarat Genocide 2002 - Five Years Later (20/12/06)  

   Gujarat riot victims to get Rs 7 lakh: Centre (27/11/06)  
   Godhra riot cases: SC snubs CM Modi  (23/11/06)  

   Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Mob Terror, State Terror and Bomb
-- Press Release (21/12/06)

   Gujarat Genocide 2002 - Five Years Later (20/12/06)  

   Gujarat riot victims to get Rs 7 lakh: Centre (27/11/06)  
   Godhra riot cases: SC snubs CM Modi  (23/11/06)  
   Apex court slams Gujarat over riots (23/11/06) 
  SC pulls up Gujarat for lapses in  '02 riot cases (23/11/06) 
   Malegaon Bomb Blasts: Who Is to Blame? (13/10/06)  
   Israel's Strategy of Provocation and War (23/08/06)  
   The man made flash flood of Surat (17/08/06) 
   Why did the Lebanese Resistance accept 1701 ? (17/08/06) 

   Statement of Condemnation (12/07/06) 
   “Terrorism has no religion”(12/07/06)
   Fact Finding on the Attack on RSS Head Quarters  on June 01, 2006  
   Violence and Its Impact on the Working class (08/05/06) 
   Misusing Religion for Electoral Gain (07/05/06) 
   Vadodara Mayor Solanki Must Resign (05/05/06) 
   Investigate Partisan Role of Police -Vadodara violence (03/05/06) 

    Condemn Udhampur and Doda Killings of Hindus  (02/05/06)
    Police Shot to Kill in Vadodara  (02/05/06)
   Intimidation and Victimisation by Gujarat Police:  Notice to Gujarat Government (20/04/06)   
   Appeal from Nepal (South Asia Forum for Human Rights)
   Kashi shows us the way
   Grisly Discovery Reopens Old Wounds in Village in India
     - The New York Times  (20/03/06)   
   Still waiting for justice -- Disillusioned with VHP, Sabarmati
     Express carnage survivors, their kin now hope NGO will help
     them in their quest -- The Indian Express
   Mau riots: report criticises civil society's role (21/09/05)   
   Fatwas, their acceptability and their relevance
   Look, he's not a jehadi! (15/09/05)   
   Let’s Call the Ulema’s Bluff (30/08/05)
   Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar must be sacked (9/08/05)
   Violence is not the Answer (7/07/05)
   Communalism Combat, SAHMAT and the National Campaign
     in Support of Democracy condemn the attack on the Ramjanmabhoomi complex

   Deoband fatwa inhuman and anti-women (28/06/05)
   Dalit demand reservation in private sector (25/06/05)
   Pervez Hoodbhoy on Jinnah (25/06/05)
   UN International day in support of victims of torture (23/06/05)
   Memorandum on the need for a Central Legislation on  
Reservation in Private Sector (22/06/05)
   Where are our girls? CJP, Women’s Centre seek to intervene in a
     petition in Mumbai High Court on foeticide
   Say no to quota at AMU (08/06/05)

   Persecution of Indian Christians in Saudi Arabia (06/06/05)

  Shariah Court Campaign in India: Battle for the
     Muslim Mind

  Pleased to know you -- By: Mahmood Farooqui (03/06/05)

   Delhi University Teachers in Defence of S. A. R. Gilani (14/02/05)

 Help Hold the Bush Administration Accountable
     for Their Crimes

  Another Blow to V.H.P (31/05/05)

 Film Review: Ayodhya to Varanasi-Prayers
     For Peace

   Jihadi, Just-War, and Active Non-Violence (30/05/05)

   Is RSS a Terrorist Organization? (28/05/05)

   Blind faith in sati (26/05/05)

   A farce of a nikahnama (21/05/05)


  Centre stops grants to `one-teacher schools' (19/05/05)

   Fatwa Wars in Kashmir (16/05/05)

  AIDWA on Model Nikahnamah of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (05/05/05)

  PCHR - Election Law Violations Must End (30/04/05)

  Stop the war coalition election demand (26/04/05)
  Oppose and Resist the smear campaign against Teesta Setalvad - Gujarat Janandolan (25/04/05)

  Rajendra Sail given One Week Imprisonment by the Supreme Court In

     Contempt of Court Case (21/04/05)

  Did this letter stop Modi? (18/03/05)

  IMC-USA applauds Congressional Resolution condemning persecution by Modi (16/03/05)

  Narmada Bachao Andolan -- SC Verdict, January 2005

  Hindutva Hypocrisy on Family Planning

  Tsunami can’t wash this away: hatred for Dalits

   UNICEF's Anti- polio campaign among Muslims in U.P.

  Campaign against censorship -- films for freedom

  Church groups, NGOs demand Criminal Justice reforms (11/11/04)

  Creativity needed to address torture in Bangladesh (15/09/04)

  Protest Against Detention of Human Rights Defenders  (11/09/04)

  Voices for Reform in the Indian Madrasas  (Yoginder Sikand)

  India: After Gujarat Riots, Witnesses Face Intimidation (24/09/04)

  Innovation in Media Censorship: Gujarat Experiment of Mini Emergency

  Defeat BJP Forum (Press Release) (07/09/04) 

  Memo to CM on Nikhil Wagle's attack  (30/08/04) 

  Second attack on journalist in Maharsahtra  (28/08/04) 

  No Gujarat again!  (23/08/04)
  Gujarat loses projects worth Rs 20,000 cr  (16/06/04)

 Another Anti-Terrorism Law in Gujarat, will legalise Terrorism in State  (03/06/04)  

 Second Blow to Gujarat Government!  (07/05/04)

 ‘Insaniyat’ meeting on the Best Bakery judgement (30/04/04)

  Centrality of rule of law (22/04/04)

  John Dayal Elected All India Catholic Union National President;

    Dolphy D’Souza is Vice President (21/04/04)

  No Remore Even Now from Modi (16/04/04)

  Supreme Court judgment on Best Bakery Case (13/04/04)

  SC Expunges remarks against Teesta Setalvad and Mihir Desai  (13/04/04)

  Statement on 'National security laws in Asia' received by

     Commission on Human Rights (05/04/04)

  Ramifications of Mallimath report  (03/04/04)

  Freedom of Expression in Asia  (02/04/04)

  Can a BJP Government Make Tribal India Shine? (27/03/04)

  Huntington’s New Thesis and India (27/03/04) 

  Two social workers arrested by the Jangipara Police on false charges
    of committing offences against the state  (16/03/04) 

   Accountability of the Judiciary is must. (30/1/04)

  Condemn Vandalism of BORI (06/1/04)

  Judgment on Aakrosh: Analyzing Riots is Important (03/03/04)

  Protest against PC Pandey’s appointment to CBI (18/2/04)

  Accountability of the Judiciary is must. (30/1/04)

  British Muslims Extol BBC for Acting Against Racism (16/1/04)

  Condemn Vandalism of BORI (06/1/04)

  Education for all  (17/6/03)

  Press Release (SAHMAT)  (17/6/03)

  Stop the War Coalition / Press Release (16/6/03)

  Gujarat - A State Under Siege (Press Statement) (26/4/03)

 Press Statement -- Bombay Catholic Sabha

  An Open Letter to Chief Minister of Delhi on Shelter-less in the Capital (15/03/04) 
  Letter to Chief Justice of India  (18/02/04) 
  Gujarat asked to appeal Best acquittals  (16/02/04) 

  Transfer of Godhra case: apex court notice to Gujarat (16/02/04) 
  Author targeted (13/02/04)

  Attack on Freedom of Speech and ex-pression in Rajasthan  (13/02/04)

  Indian Filmmakers Feel Sting of Censorship (17/01/04)

  An analysis of Pota judgement and bill (07/01/04)

 A Graphic Route To Fascism (23/12/03)

  Gujarat riots - SC stays trial in 10 cases  (21/10/03)

  Protest against Pravin Togadia for provoking communal passions  and disparaging

    remarks against Human Rights activists. (20/11/03)

  Togadia fumes as Godhra Victim kin stay away (17/11/03)

  Pakistani Hindu temple faces demolition (14/11/03) 

  Threat to human rights defenders  (08/11/03) 

  Human Rights Defender and Group by Jayalalitha’s Vindictive Government  (08/11/03) 

  Ayodhya’s Forgotten Muslim Past  (07/11/03) 

  Manipulation of Gandhi by the Indian State (4/10/2003)

  Film Makers, Intellectuals Meet to Protest   Ban on Film Aakrosh (2/10/2003)  

  Nuernberg Human Rights Award  -- Teesta Setalvad’s acceptance speech (14/9/2003) 

  Keep Jamat-e-Islami out of struggle against Israeli zionism (10/9/2003) 

  'We salute Communalism Combat....'   (Lead editorial in The Statesman, Aug 14) (14/8/2003) 

  NCERT's Continuing Assault on History (30/6/2003)    

  Torture and Detention of Muslims in Gujrat Continues     (26/6/2003)

  Provocation by city magistrate on the Dhara site (25/6/2003)

  Struggle to save Gandhian Institute enters takes a critical turn  (24/6/2003)

  Sharing more than scraps (13/6/2003)

  Education for all  (17/6/2003)

  Indian soldiers in Baghdad (17/6/2003)

  First State Sponsored Violence and now State Sponsored Muslim Depositions (16/6/2003)

  Memorendum to Minority Commission (7/6/2003)

  Sharing more than scraps (13/6/2003)

  The Constitution, Equality and Reservations (9/6/2003)

  Memorendum to Minority Commission (7/6/2003)

  Press Release (SAHMAT)  (17/6/2003)

  Stop the War Coalition / Press Release (16/6/2003)

  Gujarat - A State Under Seige (Press Statement) (26/4/2003)

  Rajasthan, after Madhya Pradesh makes History

  Protest Against the Targeting of Christians,  Again In Gujarat   

 U.S. Fumbling Postwar Plan    

 US State Censorship of Media 

  Disappeared Persons in Kashmir

  Press Statment -- Bombay Catholic Sabha

 BJP - The Saffron Years

  Delhi Citizens condemn the heinous killing of Kashmiri Pandits 

  Mumbai citizens condemn the ghastly  killing of Kashmiri Pandits

  Amy Goodman Interview with Robert Fisk (22/4/2003)

  Statement of Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatana  (15 APRIL 2003)

  An investigation into caste based atrocities in Varanasi  (5 October 2002)

  21 cuts demanded by Censor Board on “War and Peace”  (26 August 2002)

  Protest action on rath yatra  (7 July 2002)

"Protect free speech : Film maker Patwardhan's "war and peace"" (7 July 2002)

   Something wonderful happened last week... (3 July 02)

  Protest against the seizure of cassettes titled 'Hey Ram' and issues of

    'Communalism Combat' --  Genocide 2002. (27 May 2002)

 VHP's Ties with the Tigers? (25 April 2002)

 Protest  against the crackdown on activists at Faizabad, UP   (11 May 2002)



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